ebay Consignment

OK – There is treasure in those closets! But first you have to dig it out before it’s too late! Obviously a bunch of us have moved on over to digital cameras. But we’ve got the film cameras stashed away somewhere. I have sold quite a number of my own finds accumulated during 29 years in the camera business.

I started learning about eBay by selling excess inventory from my camera shop. I then discovered that I had a lot of extra stuff around the house that I did not need. We all do! And eBay is a great way to find new homes for all that stuff!

But it takes practice to take the right pictures with the proper lighting, write a nice description, do all the proper posting at the proper time, answer all the questions that bidders find to ask. Then there is collecting payment, packaging and shipping! I have done a lot of all this for myself and others (over 19000 feedback!) and have gotten pretty good at it. Give me a call or drop me an email and let me know what you have and I’ll let you know if I think I can sell it for you.

To make this simple for everyone my fees are simple! We split the profits 50% after all of the eBay, Paypal and shipping fees are paid. You’ll get paid after the buyer pays. For my 50% I will make sure your treasures have some value and discuss with you what that value may be. I will take pictures of your goods and write honest descriptions for the eBay posting. After the auction is posted I will answer bidders questions and address their concerns. After the sale I will take care of shipping and handling. When I am sure the items have safely arrived at the winning bidders I will mail you a check.